I grew up near Boulder, CO and spent most of my childhood reading books, playing music, and playing video games. I learned programming by making bad games for my TI-83 calculator. The first things I published online were bad flash websites.

In college I studied programming and human-computer interaction. A team of classmates and I made a few apps on Facebook, which eventually turned into a startup. This was the first time I made something that was used by a large number of people. It became my introduction to making real products that have users and make money.

In 2010 I started working for a mobile game company as the first employee in its new Japanese branch, making browser-based games first and eventually native smartphone apps. One of these games was briefly the #1 top grossing app in Japan on the iOS App Store and expanded into many different mediums including books, comics, toys, CDs, anime, musicals, and holographic concerts.

I consider myself very fortunate that the products I’ve worked on have been used and enjoyed by so many people. In the future I want to continue creating things that have a large impact on people, and I hope to focus more on doing work that makes the world a better place.

Since my day-job doesn’t currently involve much programming, I like to work on fun projects on the side that let me build things directly. While I mostly make them for myself, a few have also become pretty popular.


Pokemon fusion

A simple website that replaces heads and swaps colors in Pokemon sprites. You can read more about it here.

Check My Wow

A website (currently discontinued) that analyzes World of Warcraft combat logs and gives targeted feedback specific to the type of character you were playing.

The source code is here, but I haven’t put any time into cleaning it up.


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