I grew up near Boulder, CO and spent most of my childhood reading books and playing video games. I learned programming by making bad games for my TI-83 calculator, and the first things I published online were bad flash websites.

In college I studied programming and human-computer interaction, and made a few apps on Facebook. They were used by many people and were my introduction to making real products.

In 2010 I started working for a mobile game company in Japan, making browser-based games first and eventually native smartphone apps. One of these apps was briefly the top grossing app in Japan on the iOS App Store, and also expanded into books, comics, toys, an animated show, musicals, and holographic concerts.

My favorite thing about the work I’ve done is seeing lots of people using and enjoying the products I made. Since my day-job doesn’t involve much programming, I also work on fun projects on the side that let me build things directly. While I mostly make them for myself, a few have also become pretty popular.


Pokemon fusion

A simple website to show the results of a script that replaces heads and swaps colors in Pokemon sprites. You can read more about it here.

Check My Wow

A website (currently discontinued) that will analyze World of Warcraft combat logs and give targeted feedback specific to the type of character you were playing.

The source code is here, but I haven’t put any time into cleaning it up.