• A Teenager’s View on Social Media — Backchannel — Medium

    Very informative description of how teens and college students use the major social networks

  • The Rise of the Professional Cyber Athlete

    Very cool profile of Scarlett, a professional StarCraftII player

  • 真如堂

  • AWS Lambda

    You can trigger an AWS Lambda function to automatically create a thumbnail when an image is uploaded to Amazon S3, verify address updates in an Amazon DynamoDB table, or process click-stream data in an Amazon Kinesis stream, without having to manage any compute infrastructure.

    Billing is metered in increments of 100 milliseconds, making it cost-effective and easy to scale automatically from a few requests per day to thousands per second.

  • ゲームの空間認識と今後の進化


    マリオはなぜ世界でヒットしたのか? チームラボ・猪子氏が語る、日本的空間認識とクリエイティビティの関係性


    西洋の空間認識だと、パースペクティブを意識する。 よって、絵の登場人物になりきると視点が変わって絵の全体を意識しなくなる。絵の全体の意識が変わる、と言う方が適切なのかもしれない。

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  • Relationship Test - Dataclysm

    My team and I wrote an app that will apply findings from a recent research paper to your Facebook graph. The app won’t post to your wall but it will show you both the shape of your friend network and which of your friends are most mathematically important to your life.

    Instead of looking at a metric like the number of friends you have in common, this algorithm takes it a step further. It looks at how well connected your mutual friends are with each other, and suggests that having more diverse mutual friends indicates a stronger, more important relationship.

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  • How to Be Polite

    Most people don’t notice I’m polite, which is sort of the point. I don’t look polite. I am big and droopy and need a haircut. No soul would associate me with watercress sandwiches. Still, every year or so someone takes me aside and says, you actually are weirdly polite, aren’t you? And I always thrill. They noticed.

    Politeness buys you time. It leaves doors open. I’ve met so many people whom, if I had trusted my first impressions, I would never have wanted to meet again. And yet — many of them are now great friends.

    An excellent piece by Paul Ford on the often underestimated value of politeness.

  • Missingno. in Pokemon Fusion

    I’ve made a small update to the Pokemon Fusion site, and added Missingno. as a hidden pokemon.

    I was inspired by the incredible Mewtwo x Missingno. fusion artwork that was posted by StarvingStudents on his deviantART page

    Missingno. appears whenever there is an invalid ID in the URL, so acts as a fun 404 page. You can try it out here

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  • Censoring Chinese Scammers

    Q: What do you do when you’re being scammed by a Chinese scam artist?
    A: Use their country’s internet censorship against them.

    LINE, the hugely popular Japanese messaging app, has been seeing a recent surge in scamming activity. In the most common scenario, the scam artist will gain access to a user’s account and message their friends, asking them to purchase online gift cards and send the serial number. Many people were targeted by this scam, and it received some mainstream media attention.

    But once it was determined that the majority of the scam artists were Chinese, the users began fighting back in a hilarious way.

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  • Creating Fun

    My long-standing goal, in both work and personal life, is to create “fun”. I currently make games for a living, so I’ll be focusing on games for this post.

    What is Fun?

    Games like Flappy Bird and 2048 show that as long as you have one crucial element that provides fun, even the simplest of games can be a huge hit. And in fact, for games like these it is necessary that they be the simplest of games, with no other elements distracting from that core nugget of fun.

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